About Dwi Sutarjantono

Dwi Sutarjantono (speaks Javanese, Indonesian, English and French) is a personal/brand image consultant, writer, painter and  professional NLP Master trainer and master facilitator who has a broad experience in lifestyle, media, PR and communication, leadership, writings skill technics, hypnosis/ hypnotherapy coaching and mentoring.

SKILLS: Leadership, good communication, marketing,  digital, problem solver.

Email: dwisutarjantono@gmail.com


  • Editor in Chief  Esquire Indonesia
  • Editor at Large Fitness For Men Indonesia
  • Editor at Large Hello! Magazine Indonesia
  • Managing Editor  DEWI magazine


  • Indonesia Coordinator/Team Leader for International Young Designers Competition in Paris  France (Concours International Des Jeunes Createurs de Mode) for almost 10 years.
  • Judges Fashion Competition for several events (Jakarta Fashion Food Festival, Surabaya Fashion Festival etc)
  • Speakers/Guest Teacher for  some fashion events/ schools (Esmod, Sparks Fashion Academy etc)


  • Solo Painting Exhibition 2016
  • Group Painting Exhibition Jakarta 2015
  • Cartoon Exhibition UGM


  • Humor Fiction Book : Moelning Smile
  • Short Story Collection with several writers (Eka Kurniawan, SGA etc) : Semua Orang Pandai Mencuri
  • Short Story Collection with several writers (Alberthien Endah, Syahmedi Dean etc): Cerita Sahabat 2
  • 10 Prinsip Kepemimpinan Jenderal Moeldoko
  • Bully Aja, I Don’t Care! — Brandon Tanu & JAmes Gwee
  • Anak Gunung Penakluk Samudera


SPEAKERS/TRAINERS about PR,  Press Release, media &  communication, creative writings, writing in digital etc. He founded TROIS event organizer in 2001, DNA in 2013, and TRIDI brand image consultant in 2015.


Lecturer at ABA YIPK Yogyakarta                                                                              Teacher at LOKABASA (Indonesian for foreigners)


  • SEO Digital Marketing by Toffeedev
  • Content Digital Marketing by famousidea.com
  • Internet Marketing Revolution with Website Marketing by Iplus
  • Esquire- by Hearst International – New York
  • High Performing Managers by Iradat Consultant
  • Leadership Training by LPT Indonesia University
  • Effective Leadership Workshop at Prasetya Mulya Institute
  • Magazines & Lay Out, by Australian Womans Weekly Magazine
  • Narrative Journalism, by Janet Steel- Assosiate Professor of  Journalism at The School ofMedia and Public Affair at George Washington Universit
  • Hello! by Isabelle de Curson-Hello International Spain Italy
  • Marketing/Enterepreneurships by Tung Desem Waringin and many more

IN HYPNOTHERAPY: Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Instructure Hypnotherapist , member of Indonesian Board of Hypnoterapist, Founder and President of HypnoCreatives Indonesia

NeuroLinguistic Programming: Master Trainer Practitioner